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Exceptional virtues

Turkesterone is a molecule found in the Ajuga turkestanica plant and in Rhaponticum Carthamoides. One of its effects is to block Myostatin receptors and stimulate muscle testosterone receptors.

Myostatin blockers are the most powerful way to increase muscle mass gain, but they are rare and few in number because research has only recently discovered this mechanism.

Turkesterone is the most potent form of ecdysteroid known to date.

100% quality grass

The active ingredients and Turkesterone are concentrated in the plant’s leaves and stems. That’s why our powder and capsules are made exclusively from these parts of Ajuga turkestanica.

Nutriforce supplements are a guarantee of purity and quality. Our Turkesterone has the highest concentration possible to ensure the greatest possible benefits.

Our Ajuga Turkestanica is available in powder or capsule form, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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A great ally for bodybuilding

Turkesterone has a number of advantages for bodybuilding, as it enables you to gain strength much faster, increase muscle growth, reduce body fat and minimize damage to muscle fibers.

These benefits will help you achieve a leaner, more massive physique and improve your bodybuilding performance.

Improve your masculine energy

Turkesterone will enhance your masculine energy and improve self-confidence through testosterone.

The direct consequence is improved intimacy and love relationships.

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Scientific studies and opinions on ajuga turkenestica or turkesterone

Numerous scientific studies

Turkesterone and Ecdysteroids are two well-studied substances with very positive results.

Studies show that some people have many more Turkesterone receptors than others, and that the effects are very powerful even at low doses in these individuals.

The reviews we’ve received from our customers are very positive, encouraging us to believe in this product to improve everyone’s performance.

Other notable benefits

Turkesterone consumption will also improve sleep quality, reduce stress and improve cognitive function.

It’s also a great support for the immune system.

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Quelle est la différence entre ecdystéroides et turkesterone ?

Turkesterone is a molecule in the ecdysteroid category, and our blog contains an article explaining this in detail.

Qu’est ce que c’est exactement la turkesterone et quel est son effet ?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid. This molecule can act on certain testosterone receptors, such as muscle receptors, but has no effect on most other receptors. This is why it has no side effects.

Peut on trouver la turkesterone ailleurs que dans l’Ajuga Turkestanica ?

Yes, Rhaponticum Carthamoides is a more important source of ecdysteroids and turkesterone. However, it is more difficult to obtain and relatively more expensive to extract.

Quelle partie de l’Ajuga Turkestanica consommer ?

Ajuga Turkestanica’s Turkesterone is found mainly in the stems, flowers and leaves. Unlike many other plants, Ajuga Turkestanica’s active ingredients are found in smaller quantities in the roots.

Peut on cultiver l’Ajuga Turkestanica en France ?

Unfortunately, growing Ajuga Turkestanica in France and the rest of Europe is complex, if not impossible, as the plant requires a very specific climate. It grows almost exclusively in Central Asia.

Que disent les avis sur la turkesterone ?

You can find our consumer reviews in the reviews section below the product image. You’ll also find plenty of reviews on Reddit, Twitter and the rest of the internet. We advise you to always make sure that the people giving a review have actually bought it.

Overall, the reviews are very positive. Bodybuilders are satisfied or even impressed by the plant’s effectiveness on their performance.

Existe t’il des danger ou des risques à en consommer ?

Turkesterone only binds to muscle testosterone receptors, so there’s no risk or danger in consuming it.

La turkesterone est elle légale en France ?

Yes, Turkesterone is a highly studied and safe molecule. It is legal in France and Europe.

Est elle plus efficace que le Tongkat Ali ?

It’s difficult to compare these two plants, and we recommend that you make up your own mind as their operating mechanisms are different.

According to scientific studies, Turkesterone’s anabolic effect is far more powerful, making it more suitable for body-builders. On the other hand, Tongkat Ali has other benefits, such as improved libido.

Quelle source de turkesterone choisir ?

For the best results, we recommend Rhaponticum Carthamoides. If you simply want to experiment with Turkesterone, you can start with Ajuga Turkestanica, which is more widely used and less expensive.

Avez vous un test de la turkesterone ?

We can recommend this article in which the author explains numerous scientific studies and gives the results of his 3-month turkesterone test.

Existe t’il d’autres ecdystéroïdes disponibles a l’achat ?

There are many different ecdysteroids found in different plants. The 2 ecdysteroids studied that are capable of accelerating hypertrophy in men are turkesterone and beta-ecdysterone, found in very large quantities in Rhaponticum Carthamoides.

Votre produit est il disponible en pharmacie en France ?

We are not yet marketing our products in French pharmacies. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to find turkesterone in pharmacies in France.

Additional information


500mg Ajuga Turkestanica, gelatin


The optimal daily dose is 1500 mg or 3 capsules.
The maximum recommended dose is 6000 mg or 12 capsules.
The minimum dose to see effects is 500 mg or 1 capsule.

The higher the dose, the greater the effects, but take care not to exceed the maximum dose.

Average product life

As for the capsules, the dose contained is 500 mg, one capsule a day is sufficient to see positive effects and three capsules is the ideal dose.


Take one to three capsules a day, preferably in the morning.

Conservation :

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place away from light and excessive heat. Close can tightly after use.

Purchase :

The minimum age for buying Ajuga Turkestanica is 18.

By purchasing Ajuga Turkestanica, you indicate that you are fully responsible for the act of purchase and sale.

All information and examples on the functioning and use of Ajuga Turkestanica on this site are for information purposes only and are based on scientific studies.


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