• Facilitates fat loss
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves recovery
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photo of tea leaves to extract L theanine. This photo shows where to buy or find theanine to improve sleep, stress and lose weight.

A natural molecule full of benefits

Theanine is a natural molecule found mainly in certain varieties of tea. It has very interesting effects for athletes, hard workers and caffeine consumers.

Remarkable effects

One of L theanine’s best-known effects is its ability to improve cognitive function and attention, while promoting a calm state and reducing stress.

This is a unique benefit, as other nootropic molecules such as caffeine are often only stimulants. L theanine is capable of calming the nervous system.

photo of a bodybuilder who can sleep soundly thanks to L theanine stress reduction. It increases GABA levels

More restful sleep

Theanine consumption is associated with deeper, more restful sleep. It also counteracts the negative effects of caffeine on sleep.

A nootropic that reduces stress

L-theanine is a unique molecule, as it is one of the few nootropics capable of both improving mental performance and reducing stress.

It’s a great ally for managing day-to-day life more effectively. Its effectiveness is increased tenfold if consumed at the same time as caffeine.

photo of an entrepreneur who uses theanine to manage stress, improve productivity and boost his brain thanks to its nootropic effects.
photo of women who wanted to lose weight with L theanine by reducing stress and improving sleep thanks to the effects and benefits of tea

Fat reduction

Scientific studies also show that L-theanine significantly reduces body fat and the percentage of adipose tissue in the body.

Ideal for periods of weight loss.

100% pure L quality theanine

Nutriforce L-Theanine is made exclusively with pure L-Theanine extracted from high-quality tea leaves. This ensures you get maximum benefit from your food supplements.

photo of a box of 60 capsules of L theanine as a dietary supplement for stress, sleep and weight loss


Qu’est ce que c’est ?

L-theanine is an amino acid found only in certain varieties of tea. It is a molecule with numerous health benefits.

Pourquoi consommer un complément alimentaire plutôt que du thé ?

While tea leaf infusions are a weak but sufficient source of theanine, they have one major drawback: they are always accompanied by a variable dose of caffeine that cannot be measured.

What’s more, tea has some major drawbacks: it contains a lot of tannins, which are powerful anti-nutrients and will also yellow teeth over time.

Quels sont les effets ?

L theanine improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes fat loss and improves sports recovery. It also avoids the side effects of caffeine.

For the full effects, we recommend our article on theanine and its benefits, effects and dangers.

La L théanine impacte t’elle le sommeil ?

According to scientific studies, its consumption has a very positive impact on sleep, allowing you to sleep more deeply and fall asleep more quickly.

Y a t’il des dangers, effets secondaires ou risques ?

Consumption of L theanine in the form of dietary supplements is harmless. Overconsumption can lead to a side effect that is common to most dietary supplements in excessively high doses: diarrhea.

Ou trouver la théanine ?

In nature, it is found almost exclusively in tea leaves. As for dietary supplements, you can find them in pharmacies, natural health stores and specialized websites.

Comment prendre la théanine ?

You can consume it in the evening before going to bed, or during the day to avoid stress. If you drink coffee, you should try to drink it at the same time, with a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (caffeine:theanine).

Quelle est la posologie pour la théanine ?

It can be consumed in the evening before going to bed or during the day. The recommended dose is 200 mg, equivalent to one capsule. The maximum recommended dose is 1000 mg or five capsules a day.

Peut-on en acheter en pharmacie en France ?

It is perfectly possible to find L theanine in French pharmacies. It can be quite difficult to find a pharmacy that sells it, as it is a molecule recently used as a supplement. What’s more, it will cost you much more than in a boutique or specialized website.

La théanine permet elle de maigrir ou de perdre du poids ?

According to scientific studies, it reduces fat cells and the total percentage of body fat.

Ou trouver des avis sur la théanine ?

You’ll find reviews all over the Internet, on forums and chat services. Consumer reviews are also available in the “Reviews” tab below the product images.

If you’ve already consumed tea, it’s possible that you’ve already experienced the effects of the molecule in low doses, combined with a light dose of caffeine.

Additional information

Weight0,05 kg

L-theanine powder 99%, gelatin (capsule)


The optimal daily dose is 200 mg or 1 capsule The maximum recommended dose is 1000 mg or 5 capsules If theanine is consumed with caffeine, it may be advisable to use a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio. This means that for every 100mg of caffeine, we consume 100mg or 200mg of theanine. As usual, Nutriforce recommends starting with the lowest dose and gradually increasing as necessary.

Average product life

A box of 60 capsules will last 60 days if you take one capsule a day.


Take a capsule at the same time as your coffee or caffeine source. If you don’t consume caffeine, theanine is best consumed in the evening before bedtime.

Conservation :

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place away from light and excessive heat. Close can tightly after use.


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