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Lion's mane , Hydne Hérisson, Hericium erinaceus

A mushroom like no other

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom more commonly known as Hydne hérisson in France. Its scientific name is Hericium erinaceus.

Lion’s Mane is considered the mushroom of mental health. It prevents cognitive decline, greatly improves memory and concentration, and also reduces stress.

Benefits for the brain

Hydne Hérisson has been shown to :

  • Reduce stress and related hormones
  • Improve productivity and concentration
  • Improve memorization of information
  • Protecting the brain from age-related damage
  • Boost the growth of new brain cells (which normally stop before the age of 25)
Natural nootropics effects where to buy without prescription in France. Concentration, cognition, intelligence, creativity and mental performance
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Other virtues beyond the brain

Consuming it will have other effects such as :

  • Improve intestinal health and digestion
  • Put you in a better mood
  • Strengthen defenses and the immune system

A highly studied mushroom

Numerous studies have been conducted on Lion’s Mane, its effects are scientifically proven and the doses at which the most positive effects occur are also well studied.

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Lion's mane powder, capsules or capsules

Available in several forms

Our Hydne Hedgehog is available directly in powder form, but some people don’t like the taste and prefer capsules.

Powdered formulas are assimilated a little more quickly, while capsules are digested more slowly, so assimilation is prolonged and spread out over time.

The best quality

Lion’s Mane Nutriforce is pure and of the highest quality, with no trace of other harmful active ingredients as in supplements purchased from Amazon, for example.

Its high concentration of active ingredients means that even low doses are beneficial.

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Qu’est ce qu’un nootropique ?

A nootropic is a dietary supplement capable of improving mental performance (intellectual and cognitive). There are many nootropics, and the vast majority of the population consumes them without knowing it, since caffeine and theanine in coffee and tea are two molecules used as nootropics.

Quelle est la traduction de Lion’s Mane en français ?

The French translation of Lion’s Mane is literally “Lion’s Mane”, a name given to the mushroom because of its mane-like appearance.

The scientific name of this mushroom is Hericium erinaceus. In France, it is commonly known as Hydne hérisson.

Quels sont les bienfaits et vertus du Lion’s Mane ?

This mushroom has several benefits:

  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Reduces stress
  • Positive impact on motivation
  • Speeds recovery of the nervous system
  • Improves fat metabolism

This is a non-exhaustive list of its virtues as discovered by scientific studies.

Par quel dosage commencer ?

To see results, you should start with a low dose of 500mg per day (equivalent to one capsule). You can then increase the dose if the effects are not sufficient.

However, you must be careful not to exceed the dose of 6000 mg per day, as this does not bring any additional benefits. However, studies show that the product is safe up to 5g/kg/day, i.e. 350g/day for a 70kg person. Once again, there’s no point in consuming such a high dose.

Puis-je consommer ce complément avec du café ?

Not only can you do this, but Hericium erinaceus can reduce the negative effects of caffeine. Some people also claim that there is a synergy between the molecules, but this has not yet been studied.

Existe t’il des dangers et effets secondaires ?

Studies on the safety of Lion’s Mane have failed to find any hazards or side effects with very high doses of 5g/kg/day, or 350g/day for a 70kg person.

The recommended dose is between 500mg and 2g.

However, as with all powder supplements, consuming too much on an empty stomach may cause slight digestive discomfort. It’s also important to drink enough water.

In addition to having no side effects, this mushroom is not as addictive as nootropics such as caffeine.

Que disent les avis sur le Lion’s Mane ?

You can find our customer reviews in the reviews tab below the product photos. You’ll also find many reviews of this product on Reddit or other forums dedicated to nootropics.

Le Lion’s Mane est il un champignon ?

Yes, it’s a mushroom whose scientific name is Hericium erinaceus. In France, it is commonly known as Hydne Hérisson.

Devrais-je acheter de la poudre ou des capsules ?

It all depends on the experience you want. It can be useful to take your nootropics with you to consume when you need performance, and capsules have the advantage here. Capsules also avoid the unpleasant taste of the supplement.

Lion’s Mane vs Rhodiola, quel est le meilleur ?

It’s very difficult to compare Rhodiola Rosea with Lion’s Mane. The effects are a little different, as Rhodiola Rosea also tends to improve strength sports performance, whereas Hericium erinaceus has a predominantly brain-based effect.

From a purely nootropic point of view, Rhodiola Rosea will work better for some people, while Lion’s Mane will work better for others.

Lion’s Mane Bacopa Monnieri, quel est le meilleur ?

Overall, the effects of Lion’s Mane are slightly more powerful than those of Bacopa Monnieri. However, some people are highly receptive to Bacopa Monnieri, in which case it may be more effective.

Additional information

Composition (Capsules)

500mg hericium erinaceus, gelatin

Composition (Powder)

Hericium erinaceus


The optimal daily dose is 1000mg The maximum recommended dose is 6000mg The minimum dose to see effects is 250mg The higher the dose, the greater the effects, but be careful not to exceed the maximum dose too often, as this often brings no additional benefits.

Average product life

A 100g sachet will last an average of 4 to 5 months A 50g sachet will last an average of 2 to 3 months As for the capsules, the dose contained is 500 mg, one capsule a day is enough to see positive effects, two capsules is the optimum dose.


Take one capsule one to three times a day. Avoid consuming Lion’s Mane in the evening, as it may interfere with your sleep.

Lion’s Mane is highly effective when consumed 1 hour (20 min on an empty stomach) before intense brain activity. This will improve memorization and concentration.

Conservation :

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place away from light and excessive heat. Close bag or tin tightly after use.


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