Beet extract powder


  • Simple and practical
  • Improves sporting performance
  • Rich in betaine, vitamins and minerals
  • Increases nitric oxide
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photo of beet and beet dietary supplement powder containing betaine, vitamins and minerals

An exceptional food

Beet is one of the most powerful superfoods for improving health. It is mainly used by endurance athletes, but can benefit all types of physical activity.

A simple, practical powder

Beet is often eaten cooked, which is a problem because it loses most of its benefits.

While eating beet raw is tempting, it’s quite difficult to digest and can even cause indigestion.

That’s why we offer our easy-to-digest beet powder extract, so you can benefit from the properties of this superfood safely and easily, wherever you are.

photo of a bodybuilder to show the increase in nitric oxide with beet extract supplements

Nitric oxide booster

Beet is also widely used in bodybuilding to boost nitric oxide levels. This improves recovery and muscular vascularization, making you stronger and putting on more muscle.

Beet extract is also used in some pre-workouts, as nitric oxide improves congestion.

Fatigue reduction

Scientific studies show that eating beet can improve endurance and reduce fatigue.

It allows you to push the limits further in bodybuilding as well as in everyday life.

photo of beet dietary supplement to reduce fatigue and improve performance in sport and bodybuilding
benefits and energy of beet extract, betaine and nitric oxide supplements

Full of vitamins and minerals

Beet is used to correct frequent iron deficiencies, which are responsible for reduced energy and performance.

It is rich in vitamin C, B6, B9, potassium, magnesium and vitamin K, and contains many bioactive molecules such as betaine and betacyanin.


Quels sont les bienfaits de la bétaïne ?

Betaine has a wide range of health benefits:

  • Resistance to heat and thermal stress (useful during heatwaves)
  • Improves cardiovascular system function
  • Facilitates weight loss and muscle mass gain

Est ce que la betterave fait grossir ?

While beet doesn’t contain many calories and is very beneficial during periods of fat loss, it can still be eaten if your aim is to gain muscle. In fact, the increased levels of nitric oxide and betaine will enable you to accelerate muscle gain.

Pourquoi la cuisson de la betterave détruit ses bienfaits ?

When beet is cooked, most of the vitamins it contains are broken down. But this is also the case for nitric oxide precursors and betaine.

Pourquoi manger la betterave crue est il dangereux ?

Although cooking beet removes most of its health benefits, eating it raw can be complex, as most beet varieties are difficult to digest and some can cause indigestion when eaten raw.

So it’s best to turn to beet extracts if you want to enjoy the benefits without the risks.

Qu’est ce que l’oxyde nitrique

Nitric oxide is a molecule produced by the human body from arginine and nitrates. High levels of nitric oxide support tissue vascularization and an efficient cardiovascular system.

Est ce que la betterave colore les urines ?

Consumption of beet can cause urine to take on pink or red hues. This only occurs in people with iron absorption problems.

If this discoloration is harmless, it may be a sign of an iron absorption problem, which you should discuss with your doctor.

Additional information




The optimal daily dose is 5 g per day.

Average product life

A 180g sachet will last between one and two months on average.


Take 5 g of powder daily with or before a meal.

Conservation :

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place away from light and excessive heat. Close the sachet tightly after use.


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