Cinnamon capsules


  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Improves sporting performance
  • Improves blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes
  • An ally for fat loss
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photo of Ceylon cinnamon for its bodybuilding benefits, cinnamon helps reduce glycemia and insulin resistance

Benefits at your fingertips

Our cinnamon dietary supplement capsules make it easy to enjoy the benefits of this spice wherever you go. Simply take one cinnamon capsule before or with each meal.

Insulin resistance and glycemia

Cinnamon is widely known and used by diabetics to reduce glucose management problems.

However, it is also used by many athletes to reduce insulin resistance and improve blood sugar management.

photo of a man stronger in bodybuilding thanks to the ceylon cinnamon he uses to reduce his blood sugar and insulin resistance. He uses cinnamon to lose weight and improve his intestinal health, among other benefits.
photo of a man and a woman who lost weight thanks to cinnamon and who continue to use it to lose weight and fat, as well as its benefits.

Cinnamon for slimming

Insulin resistance is a widespread problem that prevents cells from absorbing glucose, leading to higher blood sugar levels and energy storage in the form of fat.

Reducing insulin resistance is certainly one of the most important factors in losing weight and fat. Numerous studies conducted on cinnamon show a significant reduction in body fat when consumed with meals.

Better performance?

As well as aiding weight loss, cinnamon also enhances athletic performance, particularly in bodybuilding.

Indeed, of all the factors that reduce testosterone, insulin resistance is by far the first and most significant. Cinnamon will therefore restore and increase testosterone and improve overall hormonal functioning.


Qu’est ce que la résistance a l’insuline et en quoi est ce un problème ?

It’s a physiological phenomenon that’s becoming increasingly common in today’s society, and is responsible for a large number of health problems.

When consuming carbohydrates and even proteins, the body secretes insulin to help glucose enter cells (often muscle cells). And as we age, our cells develop a resistance to insulin and no longer let glucose in as easily.

Glucose (sugar) therefore accumulates in the blood, and the body creates fat to store the excess blood and reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, the body secretes more insulin to force cells to accept more glucose.

More fat cells mean more fat gain. And increased insulin secretion (because cells are resistant to it) leads to hormonal problems (lower testosterone, GH, etc.), accentuates stress and limits physical and cognitive performance.

Quels sont les bienfaits de la cannelle de Ceylan ?

Ceylon cinnamon has many health benefits, its main use being to reduce insulin resistance and improve management of blood sugar levels.

Since insulin resistance is at the root of many problems, consuming cinnamon will generally have the following effects: Promote weight and fat loss, increase testosterone levels, improve athletic performance and reduce fatigue and wide fluctuations in energy and mood associated with blood sugar levels.

Pourquoi consommer des capsules de cannelle ?

Cinnamon capsules are simpler and more convenient to use for most people, as they can take one or two capsules with them wherever they go and swallow them before or during meals to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

What’s more, supermarket-bought cinnamon is not always of good quality.

Est ce que la cannelle augmente la testostérone ?

In fact, by reducing insulin resistance, it not only boosts testosterone levels, but also improves overall hormonal health and lowers cortisol.

Additional information

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The optimal daily dose is 1 capsule with each meal containing large amounts of carbohydrates or protein.


Take 1 capsule preferably at the start of a meal. For a very large meal, 2 capsules will give a more interesting effect.


Conservation :

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place away from light and excessive heat. Close can tightly after use.


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