• Greatly reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves well-being and cognition
  • Reduces reaction time
  • Improves sleep
photo of kava powder as a dietary supplement for its benefits and harmlessness for the brain, stress and anxiety.

Kava and its benefits

Kava is a plant widely used for its beneficial effects on the brain, its interesting properties for enhancing well-being and general quality of life.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Kava’s best-known benefit is its ability to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety levels, improving well-being and mood.

Studies have proven the efficacy of doses as low as 250 mg with a significant reduction in stress and negative emotions.

photo of a man taking kava capsules and powder for his health and the benefits on stress and anxiety.
photo of an eye to show concentration and focus, illustrating the most powerful nootropic by showing a powerful focus thanks to the nootropic mucuna pruriens or kava in powder and capsule form

Improved cognitive performance and reaction time

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of Kava on cognition and brain performance, with its consumption reducing reaction time and improving cognitive abilities.

Increased productivity

Thanks to these improvements in cognitive and intellectual performance, as well as in well-being and mood, Kava is the perfect nootropic for maximum productivity and constant optimism.

photo of a highly productive man, who consumes kava powder and capsules to improve his cognition and mental performance. Kava is a nootropic that reduces and improves reaction time. This powerful dietary supplement reduces stress and anxiety.


Quels sont les dangers et contre indications du Kava ?

Although it’s a natural plant that’s widely consumed, this doesn’t prevent it from being dangerous for some people. Numerous studies have shown that kava is safe for people in good health, and that its consumption leads to a general improvement in physical and mental health markers.

On the other hand, Kava is not recommended for people with liver problems, diabetics or alcoholics.

This article explains why Kava was wrongly banned in France, and what its real benefits and dangers are.

Quel est le dosage idéal ?

One capsule a day will provide 500mg, more than enough to enjoy all the plant’s benefits.

D’où provient le Kava ?

First identified in New Guinea, this plant is endemic to Oceania and grows only there. Its roots are widely used in many countries, being incorporated into drinks for their very positive effects on physical and mental health.

The populations of several African countries consume it daily in the same way as Westerners consume coffee.

Additional information



The optimal daily dose is 500 mg or 1 capsule.
The minimum dose to see effects is 200 mg.

Average product life

A box of 60 capsules will last 60 days, and a box of 120 capsules will last 120 days, or 4 months.


Take one capsule in the morning, preferably with a meal.

Conservation :

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place away from light and excessive heat. Close can tightly after use.

Purchase :

The minimum age for buying Kava is 18.

Kava is considered a new product in Europe and cannot yet be sold as a dietary supplement. For this reason, this product is not a dietary supplement, but a product intended for research and not for consumption by the general public.

Kava is subject to EU novel foods regulations. This is provided for in “regulation 258/97″. By purchasing Kava, you declare that you have read the European Commission’s Novel Foods Regulation and that you are fully responsible for the act of purchase and sale.

All information and examples on the operation and use of Kava on this site are for information purposes only and are based on scientific studies.


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